Friday, 6 March 2009

चिन्हों एवं प्रतीकों का महत्व (अर्थ)

Symbol = Meaning

Red Triangle = Family Planning

Red Cross = Hospital/Ambulance

Red Light = Danger/Emergency

Green Light = Line Clear Signal

Olive Branch = Peace

Black arm-band = Sign of protest/mourning

Dove = Peace

Black Flag = Demonstration of Protest

Red Flag = Sign of Danger, revolution

Yellow Flag = Displayed by ship with infectious disease on board or ship in quarantine

White Flag = Truce

Tricolour = National Flag of India

Union Jack = National Flag of UK

Lotus = Culture and civilization

Wheel = Progress

Flag flown half mast = National mourning

Flag flown upside down = Distress

A blind-folded woman holding a balance = Justice


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